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The need for auditable business activities makes call recording vital, from landline to mobile devices. Nine Telecom ensures you can always provide evidence of your performance against SLAs.

By combining inbound call management, SIP trunking and hosted IP telephony, we can design the ideal solution for your business – and keep you compliant under any foreseeable situation.

Stay in contact, 24/7

Although you may not work 24/7, you may have commitments to your customers to respond that way in an emergency situation. Staying in contact is vital when you’re out of the office. Nine Telecom uses mobile technology, home working solutions and inbound call management to ensure your business can react when it needs to.

Avoid lost faxes

For some businesses, fax information remains a key part of their operational process. However, paper faxes can easily be mislaid, misfiled or even lost, which can cause quality control and compliance issues. An efax solution allows you to file incoming faxes electronically and retrieve important information on-demand.

Record calls

Transaction details may need to be legally verified, or staff phone calls may need to be assessed. Recording these calls can help you to ensure high standards of quality.